Programs Available
All programs presented in first person except as noted.
1. Douglas, Duels and Dancing - the exciting story of the courtship and
marriage of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd

Now...From the White House... - political intrigue and interesting
lives in the White House of President and Mrs. Lincoln done in a press
conference format

Why are Those Footprints Up There? - a host of stories, humorous
and inspiring, told by President Lincoln for school groups

Who Would Jack Vote For? - the 1864 election campaign with all its
twists and turns might make today's politicians blush

Why Did He Wait So Long? - the journey of Lincoln' s arrival at the
Emancipation Proclamation and why he issued it when he did

Fashion of Freedom - a little girl dresses like a Victorian lady and
meets the President

Mr. Lincoln, You're Such a Caution! - the Lincolns share some of
their humor

It's Tea Time! With Mary Lincoln - afternoon or evening tea and
delightful conversation with Mary and her friends

Mrs. Lincoln hosts a tea
party at the  Michigan
Ironworkers Museum in

Lincoln and Douglas - Live! - in commemoration of the 150th
anniversary a 60-minute program recreating the Lincoln-Douglas Debates of
1858. This program uses the actual words of Lincoln and Douglas. Due to the
political sensitivity of the material this program is offered only to middle/high
schools and adult audiences.

The Taste Is In My Mouth A Little - Abraham and Mary share
their separate views on the election campaign of 1860. They begin with events
after the debates with Stephen Douglas in 1858 and end with the election
returns of 1860. In between there is a sprinkling of humor and sarcasm as they
present political campaigning as it was 150 years ago.

Quilting a Great Nation - amazing story of Mary Lincoln's friendship
with her seamstress, Lizzy Keckly

Lincoln on Leadership - President and Mrs. Lincoln present a first
person account of the leadership qualities he used during his public life as a
lawyer and as president. Many stories and much humor is included.