A Lincoln Style
    Fred and Bonnie Priebe have been providing quality historical
presentations together since 1996. It is our mission to provide an historically
accurate and entertaining presentation catered to each setting. We believe the
best way to achieve this goal is to continuously research the social and
political habits of the time.

Fred and Bonnie
    Fred and Bonnie Priebe have been professional educators since 1969 in
Michigan public schools. Fred has been a role player at Greenfield Village in
Dearborn, Michigan since 1987.
    The Priebes began role playing President and Mrs. Lincoln in 1996. During
one of Fred's role playing activities at Greenfield Village a Civil War
reenactor spotted him and suggested he do a Lincoln impression. After a
great deal of discussion and visiting a few Civil War weekend events, the
decision was made to give it a try. Since Fred was going to portray the
President, Bonnie decided she should speak as Mary Lincoln.
    Since Lincoln was always Fred's favorite president he already had several
books on the subject and had talked about him a good deal at the Logan
County Courthouse in Greenfield Village. Bonnie got right into studying
about Mary and has enjoyed learning about Mary's fashions since she
majored in fashion design in college. She owns several Civil War era Godey's
Ladies books and designs dresses based on her study of those books. Their
Lincoln library grows continually as they strive to learn as much about the
Lincolns and their times so that their presentations can be as accurate as
    Their style of presenting is first person. They engage their audiences in
their presentations making the program fun and educational for the audience
members. They speak to a variety of audiences from kindergarten to college,
civic organizations, churches, Civil War groups, festivals, historical societies,
nursing homes, monument dedications, etc. They have portrayed the
Lincolns in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky,
Illinois, Georgia, Indiana,  Washington City, Canada, Australia, France, and
The Priebes won the award for the Best Lincoln Couple of 2001 presented by
the Association of Lincoln Presenters at their annual convention held that
year in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Bonnie won the award for the Best Mary Todd
Lincoln that same year. Fred won the award for Best Abraham Lincoln of
Fred and Bonnie are lifetime members of the Lincoln Fellowship of
Wisconsin, the Surratt Society, the Lincoln Forum and the Association of
Lincoln Presenters, whose convention they hosted in April, 2005.
Fred and Bonnie are listed in the current edition of the Michigan Touring
Arts Directory.

The Presentations
Fred and Bonnie cover a variety of topics from the Lincolns’ early lives as
well as the presidential years. They will develop a presentation to suit the
desires of the audience and/or age group.
For pre-school and kindergarten students the focus is on the Lincoln family.
Elementary and middle school students learn about the family, law career
and life in the White House, including the war.
High school and older students and adults may choose from a variety of
programs including life on the circuit, Lincoln the lawyer, courtship and
marriage of the Lincolns, the election campaign of 1864, Lincoln and his
generals, and Lincoln and his faith. Patriotism, leadership and character
issues highlight all presentations.
Their presentations run 45-60 minutes followed by questions and answers in
the first person.
The Priebes will present together or individually.

The Fees
    Fred and Bonnie are listed in the current issue of the Michigan Touring  
Arts Directory. Contact the Michigan Humanities Council to learn more
about grants for bringing the Lincolns to your activity or event.
    Contact Bonnie Priebe at  734-697-0484 for their current fee schedule.
The Lincolns on stage at Historic Trinity
Lutheran Church in Detroit, MI
General Grant, Governor Blair and Mrs. Grant
Historic Trinity Lutheran Church
Detroit, MI
Mrs. Lincoln with grandson - Ball at Jackson,
MI Civil War Muster
Captain Batzloff and Colonel Clayton show
they are ready to defend the President